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What is the Power Contest Opens and why should I participate?

Independent of weightlifting federations, the Power Contest Opens are a unique opportunity to challenge yourself and connect with athletes from all over the world.

The Power Contest 2023 is coming soon ! In a few weeks, The Power Institute will announce the first weightlifting complex. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an amateur, a confirmed weightlifter, a weightlifting fan or a Crossfitter, these qualifiers are made for YOU.

These Opens will take a unique meaning for each person registering.

  For some, the Opens will give a purpose to their daily training. Originally, those who practice weightlifting do it to improve their performance and technical skills like coordination, explosiveness, strength to become better in weightlifting, CrossFit or other sports. The Opens will permit them to quantify their progress.

  For others, like those who train on their own in a garage or in a commercial gym, participating will be an opportunity to connect with other weightlifters all over the world!

With the Opens we want to create and federate a unique community. The connection between different cities, beyond France, reminds us that our practice of weightlifting does not stop at the door of our gym but brings us together around a common and international passion for this sport. Weightlifting, in addition to being an Olympic discipline, is also used by many athletes in their physical preparation (athletics, rugby, CrossFit, etc.).

These Opens are a way for us to bring together enthusiasts and to unite a community! For many, they represent the only opportunity to participate in an international weightlifting competition. No need to have a weightlifting license or wait for your country to send you to the Olympics. Here you can compete against any athlete from all over the world!

So, you want to register?

What is the Power Contest Opens?

The Opens start in January and last for 8 weeks. During these 8 weeks, 4 weightlifting complexes are to be performed. For 2 weeks, each athlete performs the required complex in their own room (or in their garage!) and records their score on the Power Institute website (with supporting video). &@

The 4 complexes requested are intended to test your level of weightlifting using a succession of technical movements (snatch or clean and jerk) mixed with technical ones (movement from any hang position, power, no feet, etc.) the goal is to perform the heaviest load possible. A complex is always performed without resting the bar (with some exceptions, see opens 2022).

Once your score is entered, you can access your ranking. When the 4 complexes are done, you will access to the final ranking.

Weighing and Ranking at the IWF

Parallel to the Opens, weigh-ins are to be carried out. Weightlifting and the performances that require it are always relative to body weight. The Power Contest will not use the weight categories used by the federation but the IWF index.

When and how to register for the Power Contest?


Registrations begin on November 23th, 2022 and ends on January 18th, 2023. A ticket costs €25 and each participant will receive a weightlifting program written by Louis Le Guennec which will run from November 28 through the end of the Opens.

The only website to register is this one (, everything happens online and the process takes 5 minutes.

See you on the leaderboard!