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Event 2 

“Overhead madness”

Event 2

This event consists of:

– Max overhead squat/snatch balance

Belts, knee pads and knee/wrist bands are permitted.

The bar must be brought overhead by the athlete in the way he wishes (jerk, push press, snatch etc…).

The bar should initially be placed in front rack, behind the neck or on the floor.

Prior to engaging the squat, the athlete must be standing with the bar locked overhead (the eccentric phase of the movement cannot be bypassed using a snatch or drop).

The width of the hands on the bar is free.

For the depth of the squat to be valid, the hip joint must pass through a point lower than the knee joint.

The bar must be held stably above the head for 2 seconds at the end of the movement. The bar must then be dropped in front or re-racked, dropping behind will invalidate the rep.