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Event 1

“Love to rerack”

Event 1

This event consists of:

– 1 pull + 1 low hang pull + 1 hang (high or low) clean and 2 jerks.


Belts, knee pads and knee/wrist bands are permitted.

Once lifted off the ground, the bar must not touch it again during the entire execution of the complex.

Straps are PROHIBITED.

For the pull in low hang to be validated, the bar must go down clearly below the lower base of the knees. A movement that only descends one or two centimeters below the kneecap can be invalidated by the judges.

NB: if for morphological reasons (and because of the size of the discs), it is impossible for the athlete to pass clearly below the knees, please specify it on the video so that the judges can judge with full knowledge of the facts.

The elbows must not come into contact with the legs during the landing of the clean.

The feet are the only members of the body that can be in contact with the ground throughout the execution of the movements. A third contact with the ground will invalidate the complex.

The type of jerk is free (lunge, standing, etc.).

The bar must be held stabilized for 2 seconds above the head for each jerk.

Pess-outs will not be penalized as long as the final stabilization of the bar is flawless.

A failed jerk cannot be re-racked to attempt a third throw on the complex.

A double dip will not be considered a failure at the jerk.

You have 13 days (until January 19th included) to perform the event and to send us the video from your personal space on our website.